SHiNA weekly news for August 23

From the editor

Our picnic was a great success, with well over 100 attendees, people meeting other neighbors, spirited entertainment and a great atmosphere. The energy showed what can happen when our neighbors get together for socializing, for fun, or to face issues together.

Social events

We would like to spread the spirit from the picnic. If you are interested in holding a block party for your immediate neighbors, or in helping SHiNA coordinate multiple block parties, let us know. We can provide some advice and suggestions about parties and obtaining help from the city.

Emergency preparedness

If you were at the picnic you will remember seeing the display set up by the Oregon Department of Forestry, and their advice about preparing for wildfires in our area. Last week we pointed out how you can order water containers from the web. This week we remind you about the importance of getting to know your immediate neighbors, because if there is a serious emergency it is likely that long-range communication and travel will be difficult for a time, and your immediate few blocks may be very much on their own for a period of days. It makes good sense to consult with neighbors you know to determine who has special meaning and who has special resources for such a situation. The city has a program called Map Your Neighborhood which can provide instructions and help for such a project. If you would like to set up such a meeting for your area, let us know and we can provide information.

Land-use issues

You may also remember from the picnic that there was a table set up by a group worrying about the South Willamette Special Area Zone plan. SHiNA wants to help by organizing people’s responses and plans and bringing them to the attention of the city. But individual neighbors must help by organizing on their own as well. And they have done so; these who would be most immediately affected by the proposed changes have created an ad hoc advocacy group, South Eugene Neighbors, which draws members from the four affected neighborhood associations. They’re looking for members, working to inform people, and organizing testimony and presence at meetings of the City Council.

Meanwhile SHiNA and the other affected neighborhood associations are jointly sponsoring a session with city leaders and planning staff. This will be on September 16 at Hilyard Community Center from 6 to 9 PM. This should encourage two-way communication, getting more information and explanation from the City and impressing citizens concerns on the city officials and commission members.

Also, soon we will be dealing with the plans for the Rest Haven land development, which could cause damage to some houses along Brae Burn and increase traffic problems.

Neighbors have inquired about the status of plans at Cascade Manor. Little information is available; the Manor is working hard to finish the construction of their new apartment wing just behind Sunrise Asian Market. The next phase of expansion will most likely involve a memory care unit, probably on land they own along 30th Ave. The city reclassification of the area and zoning changes would allow this building to be high but the Manor is unlikely to go for the full seven stories. We haven’t heard more yet.

Other issues

SHiNA is also dealing with traffic problems such as speeding, crime watch, and connecting you to city services which can provide a variety of services. For example, you may not know that the city has a mediation service which can attempt to broker peaceful resolutions of disputes between neighbors or groups of neighbors.

Amidst all this SHiNA hopes that the energy showed at the picnic will help us improve our activities. Three new members have joined our board in the last six months, and we expect that more will come. We are asking for volunteers to work for one-time events, such as a meal or childcare for a meeting. We are hoping to enlarge our group of expert consultants who advise the Board on particular issues. If you have special knowledge or skills in some area and would be willing to come to the occasional board meeting when those become relevant, please let us know. If you would like to represent your neighborhood homeowners association or a small group concerned with a particular local issue, consider joining the board on your own or as a liaison from another group. We have room for all talents and all kinds of help however slight or temporary they might seem to be.

Change in the Boardroom

At the meeting last week the Board appointed a new secretary, Eldon Fox, and a new treasurer, Evan Rees. Eldon has also agreed to serve as vice-chair at least until the November general business meeting. In November the members will choose the officers (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer) and approve board members for the coming year. If you would be interested in serving on the board either as a member or as a consultant who comes when your special expertise is needed, or if you would like to nominate a neighbor who you think would be helpful, email Juan Carlos Valle, our current chair, at Our charter states that nominations for the board or for officers need to be on the record by the meeting before the November meeting.

Board Meeting Schedule

SHiNA’s board meetings have been scheduled to occur on the second Thursday of each month, from 6 pm to 7:30 pm, on the balcony of the Market of Choice at 29th and Willamette. The next board meeting will be on September 10. If you have an issue you’d like to bring before the board, please consider attending.

From the City

Crime Advice

Eugene has experienced a number of burglaries this summer. Many incidents occurred overnight while residents were asleep. The burglars did not force entry. They looked for and took advantage of unlocked doors and windows. Please lock up tight, even in this warm weather. Visit the City of Eugene Police Department website for more information on home security and contact your local Crime Prevention Officer if you’re interested in a free home security inspection.

Garden and Life Style

The 2015 Northwest Permaculture Convergence is set for August 28 to 30 at the River Road Recreation Center. The theme – “Greening Our Neighborhoods With Permaculture.”
There are over 45 presentations planned. Six site tours will visit over 40 green locations in Eugene – residential, businesses, public places.

The Friday site tours – meeting at 9 AM at the Recreation Center parking lot located at 1400 Lake Drive, and Expo, Saturday – 10 to 5, next to and north of the Recreation Center, are free and open to the public. The indoor part of the Convergence requires registration.

The Green Neigh:borhood Summit on Saturday has an exciting schedule with people coming from Seattle, Olympia, Portland and other places. The Green Neighborhood Summit is specifically designed for people interested in greener, healthier and more resilient homes and neighborhoods.

See the schedule

The Summit will look at Green Preparedness and Block Planning. There will be caucus time for discussing how to green our neighborhoods.

There will be a Green Preparedness site tour in the nearby neighborhood.

A panel will describe Neighborhood Pathways in Olympia, The Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, Alley Allies in Portland and Common Ground Garden in Eugene.

The Summit’s goal is to initiate a regional network for creating greener and more resilient neighborhoods. Scholarships are available for the Green Neighborhood Summit.

Convergence Website :

Eugene Parks System Plan Update

PICTURE the possibilities; PLAN places and spaces; PLAY for years to come!

The City of Eugene is embarking on an 18-month process to update Eugene’s parks and recreation system plan. PARKS and RECreate will build on the system’s strong legacy and guide necessary adjustments to meet new challenges. And, we can’t do it without you!

This summer we are squarely in the “collect” phase of the project and we need to know – what do you want, need and desire for Eugene’s parks and recreation? There are a number of ways you can join the conversation and tell us what is important to YOU.

1 Take this 15-minute survey. It’s quick and easy. Your voice truly matters AND we will enter you into a prize drawing for amazing customized recreation experiences.

2 Register for our mailing list so we can keep you updated on what we are learning as we move forward.

3 Visit us at for more info.

And last, but certainly not least, find the little red bus popping up at a location near you this summer. Come talk to us, share your parks and recreation story in the Chatter Box, take your selfie in the Picture Your Parks photo booth, make music with our pedal powered bike, toss a beanbag and enjoy some free ice cream or juice. There are all kinds of ways for you to have fun and share what matters most to you and your family. Tour dates and locations can be found at