During the October 23 General Meeting, the following nominations for the 2016-2017 Executive Board were approved unanimously by the General Membership:

  • Chair: Vic Hariton
  • Vice Chair: Ralph McDonald
  • Secretary: Janet Bevirt
  • Treasurer: Vic Hariton

At Large volunteers, to be appointed by the Chair at the November 20 General Meeting include:

  • Colleen McCaffrey
  • Ann Miller
  • Francina Verrijt

Please plan on attending the November 20 General Meeting to elect the Executive Board.  The meeting will be at Good Samaritan Society, 3500 Hilyard Street, at 2:00pm.

SHiNA Board Nominations

SHiNA Elected Board Member Nominations have been rescheduled for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 at 2:00pm at the MARKET OF CHOICE balcony. 

I guess the perfect storm hit on Sunday October 16.  A quorum was not met so SHiNA needs to go into overtime to enlist a slate of candidates for the SHiNA Board. 

Please plan on a quick, maybe 15 to 30 minute nominations meeting, this next Sunday, October 23.  We will start promptly at 2:00pm on the 2nd floor (balcony) of Market of Choice.  I will try to get the meeting room, but if it is not available, at the
 tables outside the room. 

As it stands now, the slate of officers for the 2016-2017 Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHiNA) Executive Board consists of: 
   Chair: Vic Hariton 
   Vice-Chair: Ralph McDonald 
   Secretary: Janet Bevirt 
   Treasurer: Open (acting Treasurer: Vic Hariton) 

Please attend to add your endorsement for the proposed slate.  Or, if you or others want to step forward, please encourage them to attend. 

The SHiNA Elections are scheduled for Sunday, November 20 at Good Samaritan Society, 3500 Hilyard Street starting at 2:00pm. 

Thank you, 
Vic Hariton, Chair 
Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association