August 17 SHiNA newsletter

From the editor

I’m sorry this week’s email has been delayed by several days. The truth is that due to the pressure of outside events these emails will become somewhat irregular in the coming months. This week our email is short but mostly happy. Over 100 neighbors celebrated together with music and food and games and door prizes at our annual summer picnic last week. Spirits were high. Groups gathered at tables and on blankets, neighbors met one another and shared food, listened to music by GRRRLZ ROCK and Eugene Taiko, whose rhythmic drumming inspired several young dancers. One neighbor five blocks away enjoyed listening to the drummers from his porch.

More than a hundred tickets were put in for the free door prizes;d winners happily took home baskets full of gifts. Prizes included a cooler), laminated star maps, pots with peppers, ‘smores, a basket of teas, a picnic hamper with barbecue supplies, and a child’s chair with toys. SHiNA provided ice cream and water while neighbors brought tasty foods. We will be having another picnic next summer, but in the meantime there will be other social events coming up. Stay tuned!

I have posted some pictures from the picnic at The link to the pictures is at the very top of the page.

Crime notes
This is a time when itinerant people, offering to wash your windows or do some work around your house and are likely to see your place for robbery. Here’s an example, from our nextdoor site: “Did anyone notice the two gentlemen walking in the neighborhood today, knocking on peoples doors? I believe they were asking people if they could wash their windows, they had rags and squirt bottles. they look to be about 40 years old.”

Emergency preparedness note
In our last message we indicated an address for obtaining the water bottles for emergency water storage from EWEB. That address was last year’s; the correct one now is You need to provide your EWEB account number and address in order to order the containers.

Email list note
I added the email addresses of those on the sign-up sheet for the picnic. If you find yourself on this list and wish to unsubscribe, there is a link at the bottom of the message to do so. On the other hand, if you were one of the people whose email address I couldn’t read, and you wanted to sign up for the list, — and you somehow hear about not being on the list yet — you can still sign up by using the form at As of this week our mailing list has 422 subscribers, and our nextdoor site 264 members.

Upcoming meetings
There will be a SHiNA board meeting this Thursday, August 20, at 6 pm on the balcony at Market of Choice on 29th. If you have an issue you’d like to bring before the board, please consider attending. If you’re interested in joining the board or becoming a consultant on some particular issue, interest or expertise, please come or let us know by email. After this beginning segment you can stay the whole meeting if you’d like but also feel free to leave. We’re trying to open up board meetings to people without requiring that they attend the entire meeting.