Oral History

A wonderful interview history of some of our Neighbors.

Thanks to:

  • Interviewees: Ralph & Traudl Lafferty, Eunice Kjaer, Marcella Garcia Moore, Melanie & Robert Lee, Bruce Chase, Lorrane Taylor, Barbara Wirtz, and Waneta Ritzman
  • Interviewers: Anne Niemiec, Nora Hagerty, David Kolb, and Jo Von Hippel
  • Coordination & Editing: David Kolb


Neighborhood Analysis 2009

CDCA 2009 Survey Results

Neighborhood Analysis 2011

Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHiNA) was called Crest Drive Citizens Association (CDCA) until early 2015.

The boundary was increased then and it was renamed to reflect the inclusion of new neighbors to the south and to the west.
The 2011 Neighborhood Analysis of the Crest Drive Citizens Assoc (CDCA) is representative of the previous smaller boundary and less households.

Neighborhood Analysis 2011 Frontpage Image