Oral History

A wonderful interview history of some of our Neighbors.

Thanks to:

  • Interviewees: Ralph & Traudl Lafferty, Eunice Kjaer, Marcella Garcia Moore, Melanie & Robert Lee, Bruce Chase, Lorrane Taylor, Barbara Wirtz, and Waneta Ritzman
  • Interviewers: Anne Niemiec, Nora Hagerty, David Kolb, and Jo Von Hippel
  • Coordination & Editing: David Kolb


SHiNA Neighborhood Analysis 2009

CDCA 2009 Survey Results

SHiNA Neighborhood Analysis 2011

Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHiNA) was called Crest Drive Citizens Association until early 2015. It was renamed to reflect the inclusion of new neighbors to the south and other neighbors to the west who were further away from Crest Drive.

Views of the city, Cascade Mountains and Spencer Butte are just a few of the beautiful features. Hiking trails from Blanton Ridge to Spencer Butte are located here.

Just up Crest Drive is the former home of Senator Wayne Morse. It is now called The Wayne Morse Family Farm. Senator Wayne Morse was a political figure who has come to symbolize political integrity and service in America. This is the only city park on the National Register of Historical Places and includes 27-acres of park lands and the historic house in a natural wooded area and meadow. The largest off-leash dog park in Eugene is also on-site.

The 2011 Neighborhood Analysis of the Crest Drive Citizens Assoc (CDCA) is representative of the previous smaller boundary and less households.

Neighborhood Analysis 2011 Frontpage Image

SHiNA Neighborhood Boundaries:

SHiNA resides in scenic South Eugene, west of Willamette Street and bordering the Urban Growth Boundary.

  • The boundary starts at 29th Avenue and Willamette Street
  • South on Willamette Street until the Urban Growth Boundary near Spencer Butte Park
  • Staggering westward along the Urban Growth Boundary until City View Street
  • North on City View until 24th Avenue
  • South on Chambers until 28th Avenue
  • East on 28th Avenue until Washington Street
  • South on Washington until W. 29th Avenue
  • East on 29th Avenue until it becomes Willamette Street again
  • East on 24th Avenue until Chambers Street
SHiNA Geographic Boundaries Map – Zoom in to view your street

Crest Drive Citizens Association Proposed 1976/1977 Neighborhood Refinement Plan

In 1976 and 1977, Crest Drive Citizens Association (which previously made up a portion of the current SHiNA neighborhood) proposed a neighborhood refinement plan to the City of Eugene. This proposal was not adopted, but reflects some of the history of land use discussions and outcomes that occur within the neighborhood association.