SHiNA News for August 30, 2015

From the Editor

As the new editor of the SHiNA newsletter, I’d like to start by expressing the board’s gratitude for David Kolb’s service to the neighborhood and to wish him the very best. He has made the transition of duties a clean and painless process, for which I am very thankful!

Expect to receive a newsletter every other week (or so) as I get a grasp on the process and work on other areas of communication. The Association website will be changing in the next few months as I work to consolidate and make improvements.

Please feel free to contact me at with information regarding local events or news that you believe your fellow readers would appreciate knowing about as well as to open general communications with the board. You are welcome, and encouraged, to communicate directly with any active board member whose contact information is available on the SHiNA website (


Eldon Fox

Board News

These promise to be interesting times for the association as we work to define and expand the presence of SHiNA within the neighborhood. To that end, we welcome you, our neighbors, to attend board meetings. We would like to meet and talk with you regarding any issues or ideas concerning your immediate neighborhood or the broader area encompassed by the association.

The board is comprised of your fellow neighbors and you are welcome to join in and contribute some of your valuable time and talent one time or many.

A Calendar of meetings and events is now available on the SHiNA website at the following address Please contact me with any block party, or other neighborhood events, you would like to add to the calendar.


South Willamette Special Area Zone plan

SHiNA and the other affected neighborhood associations are jointly sponsoring a session with city leaders and planning staff. This will be on September 16 at Hilyard Community Center from 6 to 9 PM. This should encourage two-way communication, getting more information and explanation from the City and impressing citizen concerns on the city officials and commission members.

South Eugene Neighbors, which draws members from the four affected neighborhood associations are looking for members, working to inform people, and organizing testimony and presence at meetings of the City Council. The SHiNA board would like to stress that the SHiNA board members are comprised of your fellow neighbors; from many parts of our area and with differing opinions. It is necessary to represent the whole of the neighborhood. For this reason, the SHiNA board is we are not taking a position regarding zoning issues other than to provide for open communications with city staff and officials.

Rest Haven land development

Also, soon the neighborhood we will be dealing with the plans for the Rest Haven land development, which raises concerns among some neighbors with regards to potential damage to some houses along Brae Burn and increased traffic safety problems.

Local News

Willamette Traffic

The restriping of Willamette street has been postponed until January. The restriping will turn the portion of Willamette, between 24th Ave. and 32nd Ave., into a two lane road with improved bicycle lanes and a center turn lane. Expect to see construction North of 29th Ave. on Willamette later this year as much needed traffic signals will be installed for the main Woodfield Station shopping center access off of Willamette street.

More information can be found at

A Sad Day on McLean

As many of you may know, there was a shooting Friday afternoon which appears to have left two neighbors dead. Most details are not known at the time of this letter and to speculate would be inappropriate. The best lesson that can be taken away from this unfortunate incident is how important communication is and that violence rarely provides a satisfactory outcome.

As we go about our daily lives, it is important to make time for those around us as we are all in this together; sharing happy events and supporting one another in difficult times. Take some time to be outside and be part of your neighborhood and interact with your neighbors. A future good friend may just be a door step away.

Personally, I find it hard not to strike up a conversation just by going outside and working in the front yard. As Summer turns to Fall and the wind blows with a bit of Winter in its passing, this becomes less enticing. Yet, a full life requires action and you and your neighbors are worth the effort.

Above all else; make an effort to be patient, accepting, and kind.