Charter & Bylaws



Article I. Name.

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association.

Article II. Geographic Boundaries.

The Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association encompasses that area bounded by a line starting at the intersection of Willamette Street and 29th Avenue, moving west along W. 29th Avenue to Lorane Highway; then north on Washington Street to W. 28th Avenue; then west on W. 28th Avenue to Chambers Street, then north on Chambers Street to W. 24th Avenue, then west to City View, then following City View as if it were extended south to the south edge of the McLean subdivision, then turning south and east along the city boundary until that boundary intersects Willamette Street, then north along Willamette Street back to the intersection with 29th Avenue.

Article III. Purpose.

Section 1. The purpose of the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association is to promote community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability of the neighborhood. Those who reside, own property, or are the the single representative of a business or non-profit located within the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association boundaries are members of the Association. The Executive Board (“Board”) acts as an elected body to represent the Association’s neighborhood needs and interests when and where appropriate. The Board communicates with members, so the Association then may:

(a) Provide a forum for members to identify, discuss, and resolve neighborhood issues by encouraging and facilitating communications and participation among the members on matters of common concern.
(b) Educate neighbors on issues, public process, City services and policies, and elections.
(c) Sponsor neighborhood improvement projects and social events.
(d) Maintain and foster neighborhood communication with the City of Eugene and with other public or private entities by identifying and advocating the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association’s position on issues such as land use and zoning, transportation and traffic, and public safety; housing, school, and community facilities; parks and recreation; economic development; issues affecting the elderly and youth; and other factors related to sustainability, livability, and other social and economic aspects of our neighborhood.

Section 2. The Association shall address all matters that affect the neighborhood in accordance with the City of Eugene’s Neighborhood Organization Recognition Policy Resolution 2554, or subsequent revisions to the ordinance.

Section 3. The Association shall do whatever else it deems necessary and appropriate to enhance the welfare of its members and livability of the neighborhood.

Article IV. Membership.

Section 1. Members are any resident, property owner, or single representative of a business or non-profit within the geographic boundaries described in Article II. Membership rights and benefits:

(a) One identifies oneself to the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association by entering one’s name and address in the attendance log available at each General Meeting.
(b) Each member shall be entitled to one vote.
(c) Each business or non-profit agency shall be entitled to one vote.
(d) There shall be no voting by proxy except for members with physical disabilities that preclude them from attending the meeting. Reasonable accommodations will be made to allow members with physical disabilities to vote.

Section 2. Membership will terminate for anyone who no longer meets member requirements as stated in Section 1.

Article V. Officers and Executive Board.

Section 1. The officers shall consist of a (1) Chair, (2) Vice-Chair, (3) Secretary, and (4) Treasurer. Alternately, two people may serve as Co-Chairs, in which case no Vice-Chair will be elected.
Section 2. The Board shall consist of the four elected officers plus additional Board members and committee chairs.
Section 3. Additional Board members may be appointed by the Chair or by the Board as a whole, but these appointments shall be approved by the membership at the next General Meeting.
Section 4. A Communications Liaison may be appointed by the Board to produce email and print newsletters and to maintain the Association’s social media.
Section 5. Any vacancy of the Board may be filled for the remainder of the term by a majority vote of the general membership.
Section 6. An officer or other member of the Board may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a General Meeting. However, prior notice of intent to submit a removal motion is required at the General Meeting immediately preceding the meeting in question.
Section 7. The majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article VI. General Meetings.

Section 1. The Association will hold at least enough General Meetings and events, including the Annual Meeting with elections, to satisfy the current City Council requirements for continuing as an active neighborhood organization.

(a) Notice of the location, time, and date of all meetings shall be provided to the members in a timely manner.
(b) A quorum at a General Meeting shall be 10 members.
(c) The General Meeting in November shall be the Annual Meeting.

Article VII. Finances.

Section 1.

(a) The Association may receive funds and may own and dispose of property.
(b) The Association may secure monies or grants to fund a specific project or program.
(c) With membership approval, the Treasurer may accept donations from the general membership for a specific project or program.
(d) The Association may expend funds for expenses included in a budget approved by the Board and general membership. Expenses not budgeted and over an amount set by the current bylaws need approval by the Board.

Article VIII. Communications.

Section 1. The Association will send out regular periodic communications on appropriate media, both paper and electronic. These can include printed postcards and newsletters, websites, email lists, and whatever social media may at the time be judged effective for the Association’s purposes.
Section 2. The purposes of these communications are to:

(a) Distribute City of Eugene public information and other relevant information to the members, provide notification of upcoming meetings, and provide a forum for free expression of opinions by neighborhood members on issues of interest to the neighborhood and the community and dialogue on elections and ballot measures related to the neighborhood.
(b) Promote neighborhood, community, and City events; recognize people and businesses for their contributions to the neighborhood and/or volunteer efforts on behalf of the neighborhood.
(c) Facilitate the continuing development of a vital neighborhood and community.

Section 3. The Board will appoint a member or members of the Association to produce these communications, in conjunction with City staff when that is appropriate, following the guidelines adopted by City Council.
Section 4. Advocacy positions on non-election issues that are judged by the Board significant for the neighborhood may be included in an editorial format in email, web, or printed materials, provided that equal opportunity is provided for opposing voices.

Article IX. Adoption and Amendments.

Section 1. This Charter may be adopted, repealed, or amended by a two-thirds vote of those members present at any General Meeting provided a quorum is met. Written notice of the meeting and of the proposed changes shall be forwarded to all members prior to the meeting. If approved it takes effect immediately unless it includes a provision delaying implementation.
Section 2. In all its activities, the Association will conform to this charter and to the current set of bylaws.                                                                                                                                                              Section 3. The bylaws may be amended as conditions and City requirements change, by a two-thirds vote of those members present at any General Meeting, provided quorum is met.

(Updated as of March 2015)



The following bylaws prescribe the current operating procedures of the Association. These are meant to concretize the general principles in the Charter.

Bylaws: Officers.

Section 1. Duties of Chair. The Chair shall coordinate and supervise the business and activities of the Executive Board and Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association organization. S/he shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and General Membership, serve as an ex officio member of all committees, and act as the primary contact person and liaison with the City of Eugene. Unless the Executive Board designates another person, the Chair shall be the Association representative at the Neighborhood Leaders Council.
Section 2. Duties of Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in his/her duties on request. In the absence of the Chair, or in the event of the Chair’s inability or refusal to act, the Vice Chair shall execute the duties and powers of the Chair.
Section 3. Duties of Co-chairs. The duties of the Co-chairs will include all those enumerated in Section 1 and Section 2 above.
Section 4. Duties of Secretary. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all General and Executive Board Meetings and maintain and file copies of said minutes, correspondence, and membership attendance logs. If the Association so decides, the Secretary’s duties may be divided between a Recording Secretary who records the minutes, and a Corresponding Secretary who handles the Association’s records, as well as communications between the Association and other individuals or groups. If the Executive Board so decides, one or more other members of the Association may be delegated to handle print and digital communications.
Section 5. Duties of Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive all Association funds and pay out funds as approved by the Executive Board and performs appropriate budget requirements where and when needed.

Bylaws: Nomination and Removal of Executive Board Members.

Section 1. The officers shall be elected by a simple majority of those in attendance at the Annual Meeting in November and shall serve a one-year term, provided a quorum is met. If a quorum is not met or a proposed slate of officers does not win approval at the Annual Meeting, the current officers, Board members, committee members, and liaisons continue to serve and the Executive Board is charged with developing a new slate of candidates as soon as possible.
Section 2. Upon election, the Chair shall be entitled to appoint additional Board members, liaisons, and committee chairs subject to approval at the next General Meeting. Those appointed serve until they resign, their term is completed, or they are replaced by a vote of the general membership.
Section 3. Nominations shall be for a specific office. To lessen the influence of single-attendance groups, nominations shall be accepted only at the General Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting in November.
Section 4. The ballot shall be posted on the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association website and also sent via e-mail to those on the current e-mail list by the appointed Communications Liaison within two weeks following the October General Meeting.
Section 5. Absences. After three consecutive absences from official meetings, a Board member will be contacted to discuss their level of interest or commitment. The Chair of the Board will develop a participation plan and updates for the Board member, when appropriate.

Bylaws: Executive Board.

Section 1. The Executive Board shall hold regularly scheduled meetings and the membership shall be given reasonable, advance notice of said schedule. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to the general public.
Section 2. Executive Board members shall give prior notice to the Chair or the Secretary of their planned non-attendance at a Board or General Meeting.
Section 3. The Executive Board will be responsible for establishing the time, place, and agenda for the General Meetings and ensuring reasonable advance notice to members.
Section 4. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the Chair, or by one-half of the Executive Board members, after notice has been provided to all Executive Board members. Reasonable efforts shall be made to inform the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association membership of special meetings. In the event of situations calling for prompt action, such meetings may be conducted by conference telephone call or by e-mail.
Section 5. Executive Board policy decisions and opinions must be presented to the general membership for approval.
Section 6. The Executive Board may represent the neighborhood’s opinions to the City Council, Planning Commission, or other appropriate decision-makers. Such advisory opinions will specify whether the position is one of the general membership or a committee. If a minority position on the issue is represented by at least one-third of those voting, this shall also be presented.

Bylaws: General Meetings.

Section 1. Regular Meetings

(a) At least four events open to the membership shall be held each year at times and places to be established by the Executive Board. Of those four, at least two shall be General Business Meetings, including one meeting that includes setting the list of candidates and one meeting that is the Annual Meeting with its elections and reports. Should the Eugene City Council in the future require a different minimum meeting requirement, that number shall become the minimum.
(b) The Annual Meeting with election of officers and approval of Board Members will be held each November.
(c) At each Association event attendance will be taken.
(d) All Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association meetings are open to the public.

Section 2. Emergency Meetings: Emergency General Meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Executive Board, or by a petition requesting said meeting, signed by 20 neighbors and delivered to the Chair.
Section 3. General Meetings shall be conducted according to generally accepted rules and procedures, with an emphasis on allowing all those persons present at the meeting to have an opportunity to be heard.
Section 4. At the beginning of meetings, an agenda will be announced and opportunity provided for those attending to vote to add to, postpone, or change the order of the agenda items.

Bylaws: Committees.

Section 1. The Chair shall appoint all committees and committee chairs as needed to meet the needs of the Association.
Section 2. The committees shall collect information and review subjects for the purpose of presenting information to the membership for discussion and decision-making.
Section 3. A committee chair shall present a report (oral or written) of the committee activity in a timely manner to the general membership.
Section 4. Committee meetings shall be announced publicly by the Secretary and open to the public.

Bylaws: Finances.

Section 1. An annual budget shall be approved by the general membership before expenditures commence. Any expenditure other than those budgeted and above the limit of $100 shall be approved by the Executive Board.
Section 2. With approval by the Executive Board, to be ratified at the next General Meeting, the Association may employ persons to further its purposes.
Section 3. The Treasurer shall give an oral report on available funds at General Meetings, and a detailed written report of income and expenditures at the Annual Meeting.

Bylaws: Communications

Section 1. If the budget and/or resources allow, at least twice a year the Association should use a mode of communication that will reach all the addresses within the boundaries of the neighborhood.
Section 2. If allowed by City policy, commercial advertising might be permitted in a case by case basis and depending on the consideration of City funds or staff time that might be involved in the publishing.

Bylaws: Amendments or Revisions

Section 1. Changes to the bylaws do not require approval by the City Council, but do require a two- thirds vote of members present at a General Meeting where quorum is met and the membership has received sufficient advance public notice of the proposed changes.

(Updated as of March 2015)