Lane County Public Health-Vaccine Preregistration

Important things to consider when preregistering:

*We encourage anyone who has internet access to preregister on the online portal. 

*If you have a friend or loved one who does not have internet access, or has difficulty navigating the internet, we encourage you to please help by assisting them in preregistering online.

*If you are unable to complete the online form you can also preregister by phone by calling 541-682-1380.  We are experiencing long wait times in our call center due to high call volumes.  The Call Center is open 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday.  Please use the online form if possible. 

*You only need to preregister once and by only one method (either phone or online, not both to avoid duplicate entries). 

*If you have already registered with a provider or with your workplace, please DO NOT register again with the County’s database. We are all working from the same information and doing so will slow down our process. 

*If you are part of Phase1A and have not heard from Lane County Public Health or a local provider to receive a vaccine, please DO preregister using the new link.

*If you provide an email address you will receive an email confirmation that your preregistration has been received.

*Preregistering to receive the vaccine DOES NOT mean you will be contacted to schedule an appointment right away. We will still follow Oregon Health Authority eligibility guidelines AND as always, our timeline to get you vaccinated depends on supply. In other words, even if you are eligible it may be some time before we have enough doses to offer you a vaccination appointment. Your patience is deeply appreciated. 

*Please remember, Lane County does not determine which groups are eligible.

* Once you have preregistered, we ask that you not call the call center with additional preregistration questions unless you believe there is a critical error in your preregistration. 

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Some personal demographics will be collected during preregistration process to identify which phase/group you are in. Information entered will only be used for the vaccination effort and will not be shared outside of the HIPAA compliant partners distributing vaccines. As vaccine becomes available, you will be contacted via your preferred method by Lane County Public Health OR a vaccinating health partner to schedule an appointment.

Step 1: Preregister via the online link. Please take your time to answer each question as accurately as possible. 
Step 2: If you preregister online and provide an email address, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your preregistration. 

Step 3: You will receive a weekly, automated email letting you know who is currently eligible and that you are still preregistered. 
Step 4: When you are eligible and we have doses to vaccinate you, either Lane County Public Health OR a vaccinating health partner will contact you via your preferred method to schedule an appointment.


  • Use the chatbot
  • TEXT ORCOVID to 898211 to get text/SMS updates (English and Spanish only)
  • EMAIL 
  • CALL the OHA call center at 211 or 1-866-698-6155, which is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, including holidays. Wait times may be long due to high call volumes. There is an option to get a call back rather than wait on hold (in English and Spanish). Free interpretation is available for all other languages. TTY: Dial 711 or call 1-866-698-6155


1) I am eligible in Phase 1A and have already registered with Lane County to receive a vaccine but have not been scheduled to receive the vaccine. Should I re-register with the new form? 

Yes. If you have not been contacted by Lane County or another vaccinating partner to schedule an appointment, please re-register using the new form. If you work for a medical provider, please check to make sure your clinic hasn’t already been scheduled. If your clinic has not already been scheduled, each individual should register using the new link.

2) If I have been registered to receive the vaccine through my employer or through my doctor’s office, should I re-register with the Lane County link? 

No. If you have already completed registration with your employer or healthcare provider, you are enrolled and that will be fastest and best way for you to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. 

3) How do eligible community members preregister to receive a vaccine appointment once vaccine is available?

Click here to preregister to receive the vaccine as doses become available.  See the important notes section above for alternate format options.

4) I am an educator in Lane County and heard that I am now eligible but have not received an invitation to be vaccinated. Should I preregister with Lane County’s new preregistration?

No. Public K-12 educators will receive vaccine scheduling information directly from their school district. Early learning facilities, private schools, and childcare facilities have received instructions about clinics being conducted this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please check with your employer about attending one of those clinics.

5) How are people with preexisting conditions prioritized for a vaccine? 

We heard from the Oregon State Vaccine Advisory Committee that individuals under 65 years of age with preexisting conditions and “essential workers” will be prioritized following our 65+ population. As we receive more detailed information, we will communicate that through this email. 

You can view the most recent press conference regarding vaccination at

You can find more information about COVID-19 in Lane County at:
Phone: 541-682-1380



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