LRAPA is looking for public engagement in choosing their next executive director

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) is your local air quality regulator. A government agency who works to assure the air in Lane County is clean and safe for all residents. LRAPA is looking for public engagement in choosing their next executive director. The LRAPA’s Board of Directors has selected three candidates for the position of Executive Director: Kris Tucker, Max Hueftle, and Steven Dietrich.

A virtual “Meet and Greet” style meeting open to the public will take place next Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021 from 9 am – 12 pm PST. Each candidate will have one-hour to introduce themselves and engage with the public and stakeholders.

This is an opportunity to ask questions of these candidates and hear their responses. Feedback forms will be provided for participants to complete and return to the Board for consideration. Following these interviews, the Board will meet and determine their top choice to replace retiring Director Merlyn Hough. We’re particularly interested in your feedback and would greatly appreciate your participation. Also, please feel free to forward this invite to anyone you believe should provide important feedback to the Board of Directors. 3 hours is a long time, we understand if you cannot attend for all of it. But please join for what your schedule allows.

The meeting’s agenda can be found on LRAPA’s website here:

Zoom Meeting Information is as follows:
By Video:
By Audio: +1 253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 852 8233 4654

The order of each candidate’s appearance over the three-hour public meeting is as follows:

1. (9:00 a.m.) Candidate Kris Tucker
Kris Tucker is currently the CEO/President of Ingenious Pursuits, which provides consulting and grant writing assistance in areas including environmental policy, research, and strategic planning. He also has prior experience in town management and economic development. He has a BS in Environmental Science and Government Affairs, and a Masters in Natural Resource administration and Management.

2. (10:00 a.m.) Candidate Max Hueftle
Max Hueftle is currently the Deputy Director/Permit Section Manager for the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency. He has been with the Agency for 22 years, beginning as a Permit Writer. He also has prior private sector experience as a Laboratory Technician and possesses a BS in Chemical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer (P.E.).

3. (11:00 a.m.) Candidate Steve Dietrich
Steven Dietrich is currently an Air Quality Manager for Oregon DEQ and has worked for both the Wyoming and Virginia Departments of Environmental Quality. He has over 28 years of experience in public and private sector air quality/environmental executive level management and administrative positions. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional engineer (P.E.).

Thank you for your time, We look forward to seeing you on Feb 9th!

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