Survey on the Proposed Community Safety Payroll Tax – Closes on June 9th

Your Opinion Matters: Take a Two Minute Survey on the Proposed Community Safety Payroll Tax
The City of Eugene is proposing a payroll tax to fund an increase in public safety. A full explanation of the reasons for the tax, how it would work, who would pay, and how the funds will be allocated is included in the survey. The purpose of this survey is to provide another avenue of feedback that is equal to email/letters, personal meetings, and public testimony directed to city council and is not designed or intended to make statistic inferences about public opinion as a whole.
This survey closes on June 9 at 11:45pm.

Emergency Planning Workshop

The Board of the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association is encouraging all Eugene resident to meet your surrounding neighbors and make plans for mutual support in the event of a natural disaster such as the Cascadia Subduction Earthquake or a major forest fire affecting Eugene.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program has much useful information, if members of your block or area wish to take that training. Each family needs to make a plan, since normal communications, such as cell phone may not be working, emergency responders may be overwhelmed, and services we depend on like electricity, being able to drive from place to place, grocery stores being open, and so on may not be functioning or accessible.

The Cascadia Earthquake has the potential to be the worst natural disaster in US history. Many things we rely on under “normal” conditions may not be available. It is better to think about taking care of ourselves under emergency conditions, before rather than when normal conditions are overturned.

Workshop Info: June 18th, 2019 at the Salem Convention Center in Salem, OR from 8:30am – 4:30pm. See flier for Registration Info.

ENGLISH_Inclusive Emergency Planning Workshop Flyer

Neighborhood Leadership Council Housing and Homelessness Subcommittee Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Neighborhood Leadership Council committee on Housing and Homelessness will continue looking at sanitation concerns surrounding homelessness. A member of the Whitaker board will share their experiences with placing several Porta-potties around the neighborhood in an attempt to improve sanitation. We will draw on similar experiences in other cities.

Meeting on Thursday June 27th12:00 – 1:00pm at the McNail-Riley House601 W 13th Ave in Eugene.

2019 Homeless Count jpeg