LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes in Eugene

LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes. LTD proposes to remove routes and stops and give more frequent service to certain locations increasing the number of riders walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop. The idea is to increase ridership, but many riders (data on these riders is unknown by anyone) may be left under served. The issue is very complex. Several neighborhoods that are most dramatically affected, are organized and having meetings with LTD. I do not know how our neighborhood residents living adjacent to the bus routes on Willamette, along 29th, 28th, 24th,  & Chambers (maybe Crest?) use the buses. There is little or no data available. The changes are based on “points of contact” with the community — maybe opinion polls. If any of you use buses or if you know bus riders who want to  be involved, the Southeast Neighbors has a committee actively working on these issues.


The proposed changes on routes on East Amazon, Fox Hollow,  Willamette and Donald greatly concern SEN bus users. Additionally, other neighborhoods in North and West Eugene are also concerned and involved with questioning LTD.

Here is the Transit Tomorrow Website:

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 6.33.15 PM

Here is LTD’s “people trips” baseline, which estimates (by number) how many people and businesses are within walking distance of the stops for each line.
Actual ridership per line, including densities of use, is available in the Route Atlas at Appendix A, Phase 1, at

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