Canned Food Drive – Food For Lane County

Neighborhood Canned Food Drive

Saturday, February 13 from 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of Americans worry about nearly empty refrigerators and barren cupboards for their children and themselves. In Lane County, the need for food security has greatly increased and those people without jobs and folks affected by the Holiday Farm Fire depend more on food pantries.

Please help by donating canned food –
Peanut butter, tuna, canned stews, soup and chili are among the most needed foods.

Curbside drop off –Volunteers will be wearing masks, and we ask you to remain in your vehicle to help provide social distancing. Please pop the trunk or open the backseat door while we take your donation.

Cash donations can be made on their website here:
Donate funds:
Or by phone, 541-343-2822

Food and checks payable to Food for Lane County will be accepted at the donation sites.

Drop Off Sites: 
Sunset Hills Cemetery – 4810 Willamette Street, Eugene
February 13th from 12:00 – 4:00pm

Wayne Morse Family Farm – 595 Crest Drive, Eugene
February 13th from 12:00 – 4:00pm

LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes in Eugene

LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes. LTD proposes to remove routes and stops and give more frequent service to certain locations increasing the number of riders walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop. The idea is to increase ridership, but many riders (data on these riders is unknown by anyone) may be left under served. The issue is very complex. Several neighborhoods that are most dramatically affected, are organized and having meetings with LTD. I do not know how our neighborhood residents living adjacent to the bus routes on Willamette, along 29th, 28th, 24th,  & Chambers (maybe Crest?) use the buses. There is little or no data available. The changes are based on “points of contact” with the community — maybe opinion polls. If any of you use buses or if you know bus riders who want to  be involved, the Southeast Neighbors has a committee actively working on these issues.


The proposed changes on routes on East Amazon, Fox Hollow,  Willamette and Donald greatly concern SEN bus users. Additionally, other neighborhoods in North and West Eugene are also concerned and involved with questioning LTD.

Here is the Transit Tomorrow Website:

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 6.33.15 PM

Here is LTD’s “people trips” baseline, which estimates (by number) how many people and businesses are within walking distance of the stops for each line.
Actual ridership per line, including densities of use, is available in the Route Atlas at Appendix A, Phase 1, at

SHiNA Neighborhood October/November 2018 General Meetings

Informative & Fun SHiNA Gatherings plus Elections

Upcoming Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association General Membership Meetings:

* Sunday, October 7th, 2:00-4:00pm
at Good Samaritan, 3500 Hilyard Street
– Picnic Feedback
– Election’s Slate
– Frank Lawson, EWEB General Manager will speak about the state of the utility, and discuss topics and projects EWEB is working on: Emergency Water Sites, Smart Meter Deployment, Cyber Security, Affordability & Climate Change.
– Alex Rahmlow, Fire Planning Coordinator, Western Lane District, OR Dept of Forestry will speak: Let’s be Firewise, to increase the chance of surviving a wildfire event for our homes & community.

* The SHiNA Board Seeks New Members:
The Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHiNA) is seeking new members to join our volunteer board this fall to keep our neighborhood well-represented within the City. At-large board positions and SHiNA officers are up for election or re-election. Candidates will be put forward for ratification at the October General Membership Meeting. Elections will take place at the Annual November General Membership Meeting.
The SHiNA board advocates on behalf of 3,689 neighborhood addresses and households. We work on housing, land use, traffic and wildlife issues, sustainability, park improvements, etc. We notify neighbors about proposed neighborhood development, city initiatives, policies and projects. We also convey our neighborhood needs to the City.
Please consider joining the SHiNA Board. We would like your input and assistance in forming the neighborhood area teams for our Emergency Preparedness efforts. A neighborhood association is an excellent way to partner with other neighbors, the City, and other organizations to develop solutions to shared problems. SHiNA is one of 23 neighborhood associations and is formally recognized by the City of Eugene.
The SHiNA Board has up to 10 members and meets every other month. There are also four informative General Meetings and an Annual Picnic with live entertainment, a fundraiser, the potluck picnic, a kid’s art table and community information tables. The term of service is one year with no term limits. Email the SHiNA Board if you would like more information about serving on the board:

* Sunday, November 4th, 2:00-4:00pm
at Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Drive
– SHiNA Board Elections
– Pacific Northwest Mushroom & Toadstool slideshow presentation
from former LCC mycology instructor Ralph McDonald. Oregon is home to hundreds of species of edible mushrooms, several psychoactive species and to four dangerously poisonous species. Bring your mushroom questions and samples that you’d like identified.

Egan Warming Centers – Volunteers Needed

The Egan Warming Centers provide warm, safe places to sleep for people who are experiencing homelessness on nights when the temperature drops to 30 degrees or below. Tonight – Tuesday, December 12 – will be the 9th night in a row that Egan has activated. The Centers rely heavily on volunteers, so long activations can make it challenging to maintain adequate staffing and ensure that the Centers can stay open. There are different roles to fill, from kitchen crew and safety to general staffing support and helping with donations. A New Volunteer Orientation & Training will take place next Tuesday, December 19, at 6 pm, at First Christian Church, 1166 Oak St. More information can be found at

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!