Third Emergency Water Station is now operational in Eugene

To supplement personal emergency supplies and help the community prepare for a large-scale disaster, EWEB is working with partners to develop emergency water distribution sites using groundwater wells, as well as mobile water trailers. Our plan calls for the development of five geographically dispersed well sites by 2022.

As of December 2019, three sites are operational:

Prairie Mountain School – 5305 Royal Ave.
Howard Elementary School – 700 Howard Avenue
Eugene Science Center – 2300 Leo Harris Parkway

Two new sites will be in construction this year, at the Sheldon Fire Station and the Lane County Fairgrounds & Event Center.

If disaster strikes our community’s water system and you need to obtain water from one of these distribution sites, you will need to bring your own storage containersLearn how to clean and prepare water containers.

Emergency ground water sites in Eugene

cleaning water containers

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