EWEB Pledge to Prepare 2020 is here!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? There’s still plenty of time to set goals for 2020 – why not make emergency preparedness a top priority for the next 12 months?

The start of the new year is a great time to think about household emergency planning. To help you get ready for winter storms and other disasters that could take out electricity and other critical services, EWEB is re-launching its Pledge to Prepare, a 12-month blue print for emergency preparedness.

More than 1,600 people took the Pledge last year and sent in 160 photos of the supplies they assembled by following the monthly recommendations.

There’s always the possibility that a severe storm or other natural disaster could affect us here in the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon Office of Emergency Management encourages residents to be prepared to be on their own for a minimum of two weeks following a disaster. That means storing 14 days of water, food, medicine and other supplies. This may feel like a daunting task, but EWEB’s program can help make the process more manageable.

When you join the program, you’ll receive a monthly email with easy, step-by-step recommendations that will help you get 2-weeks ready by year-end. The idea is to start small with a basic three-day kit, and then build it slowly over time.

Feedback from past participants shows this incremental approach works:

“What a great program this is! I had done a few things before but had been unsure how to proceed. Now, I have small steps which I can easily complete. Lots of fun.” (EWEB Customer Sue W.)

“Thanks for the easy-to-follow checklist. We even got friends and family involved when we created our emergency plan. We all agreed on meeting spots and an emergency contact outside of the area.” (EWEB Customer Remie L.)

Check out this slide show of some of the photos shared by last year’s participants.
To help you stay motivated and engaged in building your supplies through the year, EWEB will raffle off useful emergency preparedness supplies such as water storage containers, solar chargers and first aid kits. There will be a new drawing every month.

To join the Pledge to Prepare and get started on your two-week emergency kit, visit eweb.org/pledge. (Anyone can join, but only EWEB customers can participate in the monthly prize drawings.)

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