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From the Editor

Our association is moving into social media age. We have had for many years this Web site,, but we haven’t used it lately except to post there a form for signing up to our email list. Plans are afoot to replace this as part of a larger web site s ystem for all neighborhood associations. Stay tuned!

But that’s not all! We also have a Facebook page, which you can reach if you use Facebook; just search for Crest Drive Citizens Association,. We will be putting announcements there as well.

Then there is our site at, which provides a forum for discussion and announcements. You can sign up with this site if you live within the neighborhood. Our security people say that it is as secure as other social media sites, which is to say good but not perfect. They say they do not store the data you provide to show you reside in the neighborhood.

But that’s still not all! We have now a Twitter account @CrestDriveCA, and we encourage you to follow it. This will be a place for brief announcements and questions. We will be tweeting some content of our own out on the Twitter account but also re-tweeting items of local interest from other sources. Also, you can tweet questions to @CrestDriveCA and get responses from us and other neighbors.

We are working to develop these new media communication so that we can involve more people in discussions for the good of the neighborhood. If you have ideas about other social media methods or projects we should undertake, please let us know by contacting