This is the email message sent out this week.

From the Editor

Our association is moving into social media age. We have had for many years a Web site,, but we haven’t used it lately except to post there a form for signing up to our email list. We have also occasionally posted new on that Web site, which has the form of a blog.  Starting next week we will begin putting copies of these email weekly messages also on the Web site.


But that’s not all! We also have a Facebook page, which you can reach if you use Facebook; just search for Crest Drive Citizens Association,. We will be putting announcements there as well.


But that’s still not all! We have now a Twitter account @CrestDriveCA, and we encourage you to follow it. This will be a place for brief announcements and questions. We will be tweeting some content of our own out on the Twitter account but also re-tweeting items of local interest from other sources. Also, you can tweet questions to @CrestDriveCA and get responses from us and other neighbors.


We are working to develop these new media communication so that we can involve more people in discussions for the good of the neighborhood. If you have ideas about other social media methods or projects we should undertake, please let us know by contacting


Development News


The city informs us that the proposal to redesignate the Resthaven property (bounded by Willamette, 39th, Brae Burn) is moving to the next step, a hearing before the Planning Commission. Owners within 500 feet of the property should receive a public hearing notice shortly with all of the details of the hearing, which is scheduled for November 19th at 6 pm at Harris Hall (125 East 8th).


The Resthaven property is included as one of five areas under consideration to be re-designated to accommodate single family housing inside the existing Urban Growth Boundary. This step would make the property’s land use designation (future land use) match the zoning (R-1). It would not affect the already approved Conditional Use Permit or the vested application for Controlled Income and Rent housing.


Your testimony is appreciated and needed, and Terry Harding ((541) 682-5635; is happy to answer questions if you have them after reviewing your notice and additional materials that will be posted on the city’s website by next Monday.



Street Work Update


  • Willamette Street (19th Ave. to 23rd Ave.):  Street and utility work will continue this week.  Northbound Willamette is closed.  Through traffic can use 24th Avenue to Amazon Parkway. Southbound Willamette is closed during day time work hours.  Through traffic may use 18th Avenue to Amazon Parkway.  Southbound Willamette is open after work hours.  Watch for construction traffic.
  • 18th Avenue (Chambers St. to Washington St.):  Contractor is scheduled for permanent striping this week.  Drivers should watch for lane closures or lane shifts throughout the length of the project.


Budget News


The remaining workshops for discussing ways to cut city expenses are open to the public and will be from 6-8 p.m. The dates and locations are:

  • Wednesday, October 23 Sheldon High School
  • Thursday, October 24  North Eugene High School
  • Tuesday, October 29  Willamette High School
  • Wednesday, October 30 Churchill High School


Recycling News


As part of a statewide effort aimed at reducing the risk of household medicines being misused, abused, accidentally consumed by children, or improperly disposed in a manner that threatens water quality, Drug Take-Back boxes have been placed at secure locations including at Eugene Police, 300 Country Club Road. There are also boxes in Springfield and Lane County.


In addition to the threat of abuse or misuse, flushing expired or unwanted household medicines down sinks or toilets raises the risk of pharmaceuticals getting into water supplies. The public can clean out their medicine cabinets and take unwanted or expired prescription or over-the-counter medicines, drugs that are no longer used, medicines from deceased family members, pet medicines, and any unknown tablets or capsules and dispose of them safely in the box.




Park News


Morse Farm has had several neighbors express concern about a padlock that was placed on the SW corner gate of the park, near the upper field and Crest heading south. The person in charge of the Farm did not place it there, nor did the City, but she has submitted a request for the City to remove it.

Our postcards and printed newsletters are sent to all the residents of the city-defined Crest neighborhood, about 2500 homes. But printed materials take time to produce and can only be sent out a few times a year.

The Crest Drive Citizens Association also publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter. This is sent out to 314 people, about 12% of the homes in the neighborhood.

Funding for paper mail notices and newsletters is likely to dry up in the next year or so. So email will be a major communication channel for the neighborhood.

Also, with the fast pace of developments on the crime and city planning and development scenes, it would be good if we could expand our e-mail list so that more people could get announcements and news more promptly. Consider adding your name to the list, and If you know people who should be on the list, please encourage them to sign up.

You can sign up by filling out the short form on our web page, You can also email You can unsubscribe from our list at any time by using the Manage Your Subscription link at the bottom of the weekly message.

Also: we’re now on Facebook at “Crest Drive Citizens Association” and on Twitter at CrestDriveCA.