FREE Fire Risk Property Assessment

The Oregon mega fires of 2020 showed us that winds can propel a burning fury of sparks into our most densely populated urban areas, threatening dozens to hundreds of homes. Our community’s safety can be greatly enhanced by each of us receiving a custom fire risk assessment and reducing hazardous fuels as appropriate for our homes and property.

SHiNA is collaborating with the Eugene Wildfire Preparedness Coalition (EWPC) and the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to identify properties that are in need of tree pruning and invasive plant removal to lower the risk of wildfire in the wooded neighborhoods of the South Hills.

Please reach out if you’d like a free Fire Risk Property Assessment and help with fuel reduction. To be part of this program email or call 541-972-3867. EWPC will contact you to schedule an assessment for wildfire risks that addresses how to make your home and property more resilient.

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