White Bird has expanded its Vaccination Project


Who is eligible for the vaccine?

  1. All individuals who are 65 years of age and older
  2. Educators
  3. All individuals who match the criteria listed in CDC Phase 1A:
    • Hospital staff with patient care responsibilities
    • Urgent care
    • Skilled nursing and memory care facility healthcare personnel (HCP) and residents
    • Tribal health programs
    • Emergency medical services (EMS) providers and other first responders
    • All health care interpreters and traditional health workers in any setting within Phase
    • Other long-term care facilities, including all paid and unpaid HCP, all staff and contractors, including residents who meet the age requirements of:
    • Residential care facilities Adult foster care
    • Group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Other similar congregate care sites
    • Hospice programs
    • Mobile crisis care and related services
    • Individuals working in a correctional setting
    • HCPs in outpatient settings serving specific high-risk groups
    • Day treatment services
    • Non-emergency medical transport
    • Paid or unpaid caregivers (including parents or foster parents) of medically fragile children or adults who live at home
    • Adults and age-eligible children who have a medical condition or disability who receive services in their homes
    • All other outpatient HCPs
    • Other HCP who provide direct service to people with I/DD and other high-risk populations.
    • Other public health settings, such as HCP serving WIC, or CBO’s with direct or indirect exposures

Sign up to get vaccinated

  • White Bird Clinic can only provide vaccinations to individuals from the eligible groups listed above. If you’d like to be vaccinated, please click the button below.

Note: Our system uses text messaging to confirm that an appointment has been made. If you don’t immediately get a text confirmation, you don’t have an appointment. If necessary, you can redo the scheduling process in order to create an appointment.

Please call 541-246-2341 to register by phone or learn more about vaccination. You can also email Emily Lowery at ELowery@whitebirdclinic.org with any questions.

Standby List for Expedited Vaccination

White Bird uses a standby list to ensure that no vaccine doses ever go unused. If you are currently eligible for vaccination, you should register above. Joining the standby list may expedite your vaccination. In order to join the standby list, you need to be able to make it to the WOW Hall in 30 min or less, and be available at one or more of the following times:

Mondays between 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Wednesdays between 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Fridays between 10:00AM – 2:00PM

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