Please join the SHiNA Zoom meeting this Sunday

Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association General Meeting and Board Election

Click on the Zoom link below to join the meeting this Sunday 11/15
from 3:00 to 5:00pm

Meeting Topics
– Preparing for future fires – The city of Eugene could have burned
– Report from City of Eugene Community Recovery team
– HB 2001, HB 2003 In recent legislation – single family lots in Eugene, not limited by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions can now have a duplex, triplex, quadplex, cottage cluster or townhouse built on them.
– Report from Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association
– SHiNA Neighborhood Board elections for the next year
Join the Zoom Meeting

Sunday 11/15/20  3:00 – 5:00 PM
Meeting ID: 990 6220 9358
Passcode: 446522
Find your local phone number to dial in:

The city of Eugene could have burned had the winds continued. It was a warning and we need to be prepared for future wildfires in our area.

Eugene Springfield Fire Department Chief Heppel, who spoke at our recent Wildfire Forum said, “had the 25 to 50 mph winds continued on September 7th for another 24 to 36 hours we would have been fighting fire in the South Hills of Eugene.”  

This fire season was an unprecedented historic event that was devastating, but was a clarion warning call to all of us. It was also a glimpse into Oregon’s “new normal” future of hotter, dryer and dying forests with extreme climate events driving the likelihood of wildfire entering urban and rural communities.

The Eugene Springfield Wildfire Prevention Council has drafted an ambitious but effective plan to unite the community around our neighborhood associations and begin preparing for the 2021 fire season. 

Oregon’s wildfire season of 2020 burned over 1,000,000 acres, with over 11 simultaneous conflagrations, over 5,000 homes and businesses destroyed and over 40,000 people were evacuated. In Response, the Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council decided we need to take decisive action to mount a robust response to prevent Eugene and Springfield from burning in the future. We witnessed towns like Talent and Phoenix, two urban residential communities, go up in flames losing over 4,000 homes and businesses due to the high winds and a fire brand storm. With local firefighters resources stretched to capacity there are multiple reports of hundreds of untrained volunteers fighting fire and saving buildings and entire towns like Colton and Talent across Oregon. 


Are you curious about electric vehicles (EVs)? The Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association (EVEVA) will be hosting two workshops to introduce local residents to the benefits and technology of EVs. The workshops will be delivered via live ZOOM video conference ( email to receive the Zoom link for the meeting). 

The Workshops will cover topics such as EV charging, batteries, range, cost, purchase incentives, and benefits of ownership. Attendees at these two workshops are eligible for discounts of up to $1,000 on purchases of new EVs at participating local auto dealerships. EVEVA is producing the workshops in partnership with the City of Eugene, EWEB, and the University of Oregon Office of Sustainability.

rEV Up! workshops teach consumers the basics of electric vehicles

Tuesday, November 17
Thursday, December 3

Time: 7:00pm


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