Safe and spooky Halloween ideas from Oregon Health Authority

Since trick or treating is not recommended this Halloween, parents will be looking for safe, but still spooky, ways to create a fun and memorable holiday. Children may be disappointed, but there are lots of fun possibilities. Consider involving your children in the planning to add to their enthusiasm for the holiday.

Here are some ideas of ways to celebrate safely:

  • Host an online costume contest with friends and family both near and far away. (Governor Kate Brown is hosting one on her Facebook page using #SpookySafeOregon. Make sure you include a face covering!)
  • Watch a scary Halloween movie online.
  • Carve pumpkins with members of your household.
  • Have a neighborhood jack-o’-lantern contest.
  • Tour a neighborhood yard and home displays with household members.
  • Decorate your house, apartment or living space.
  • Make your own Halloween candy or caramel apples.
  • Have a Halloween scavenger hunt in or around your home.

Remember that the safest activities are celebrating with members of your own household. If you gather with people outside your own household, you can decrease the risk by being outside, maintaining at least six feet of distance, and wearing a mask.

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