Sign up for Lane County Emergency Alerts

If you haven’t done so already, today is the day to sign up for Lane County’s free emergency alert system. Numerous alerts regarding the current wildfires have gone out in the last 24 hours.

Lane County Emergency Management Information


AlertSense (also called AlertMe!) allows fire, police, and other emergency response agencies to issue alerts to residents in the event of severe weather, fire, flooding, hazardous materials, need for immediate evacuation, civil danger, local area emergencies, and missing persons. 

In the event of an emergency, alerts will be delivered to you at the contact information you provided, including telephone, text messages and email. 

Emergency voice alerts sent from the County will come through as telephone number (541) 972-3177 on CallerID. You can dial that number if you would like to hear the last message repeated. 

Sign up for alerts.

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