The Latest News from Oregon Health Authority

You can click the images below for links to interactive data tables about coronavirus case counts in Oregon.




COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms

Last Wednesday’s weekly coronavirus report from the Oregon Health Authority updated the most common signs and symptoms for the virus. The top five most common are cough, headache, muscle aches, chills, and fever over 100 degrees. If you have any of these, please stay home and get tested.

OHA signs and symptoms1

Infections among Younger Adults on the Rise

As coronavirus cases have been on the rise in Oregon and around the nation, there has been an alarming increase in younger adults contracting the virus. The Oregonian has more details on this statewide trend here, and USA Today has more information here on the nationwide wave of new cases in younger Americans. The cause? Most likely increased socializing and complacency.

Here is a look at some updated age demographic data in Oregon. As you can see, Oregonians between 20-29 years old have the highest percentage of cases by age group.

covid age demo chart

remember the 3 w's

We know what it takes to reduce transmission of the virus and hold things steady again. Remember the importance of the basics to stop the spread of the virus: wash your hands, wear your face covering, and watch your distance from others.

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