How to stay safe outside

The weather forecast for the next several days shows that we can expect some warm, sunny weather. We all have essential reasons to go outside, like grocery shopping and taking a walk to improve our mental health.

Even as the weather continues to improve, remember that the Stay Home, Save Lives order is working to slow the spread of coronavirus. We must continue our commitment, even in nice weather. The better we do, the sooner we can get through this.

Here are a few tips and reminders about how to stay safe when it’s sunny.


New data in Oregon shows that the number of cases is not rising steeply, another reminder that the Stay Home, Save Lives effort is working and is likely to be in place at least through mid-May. For those wondering about when the executive order will be lifted, public health officials have made it clear we need to see a steady two-week decrease in case counts before the order can be reevaluated. Returning to life as it was before the pandemic will need to happen gradually, not all at once.

The Institute for Disease Modeling released updated projections over the weekend that estimate that the social gathering/physical distancing measures implemented in Oregon have prevented approximately 18,000 coronavirus cases and 500 hospitalizations. The analysis indicates statewide efforts in Oregon have reduced transmission by 55-75 percent. Nice work, everyone!

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