1 thought on “Fire-Wise Plant Material for the Pacific Northwest”

  1. SHiNA’s website is super excellent! I live at Edgewood Townehouses, a PUD nestled within the boundaries of SHiNA. I like to keep up with SHiNA’s activities and concerns, so I attended the October 7 meeting at Good Sam.

    I was amazed at the low turnout… Frank Lawson and Alex Rahmlow provided a wealth of important information. As a previous EWEB commissioner (1977-1988) I follow EWEB concerns, and am very happy to have Mr. Lawson (a native son) as our local utility general manager.

    The Edgewood townhouses are all wood construction and located in a steadily growing woodland. So fire prevention and preparedness are chief concerns here.

    I’m looking forward to attending your November 4 meeting and to see Ralph McDonald’s fabulous mushroom slideshow.

    Thank you for building a fine neighborhood organization. I wish you best of good fortune in maintaining it, because I’m very familiar with the challenges of getting volunteers to shoulder the responsibilities. By the way, I was one of the founders of Fairmount Neighbors and active in Amazon Neighbors while I lived for 13 years in that neighborhood. I’ve been living here at Edgewood for 18 years. Doing the math, you can guess that I’m not wanting to take an active role, except in my local HOA, which I’ve done for many of those 18 years.

    But I do appreciate quality when I experience it. My very best wishes to you for continuing your fine neighborhood association.

    Camilla Pratt


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