Planning Resources For Neighbors

Here is an interesting flyer regarding Eugene zoning. If you are interested in how the current zoning of our neighborhood looks like and what new developments are possible around your property, you can refer to the links in the included flyer. The flyer also includes a link to get updates about the current applicants for land use as well as agendas of related city boards.


To find out the zoning of a specific property or your entire neighborhood:

Land Use

For more information about the land use application process, including application types and processes, how to look up information about a specific project, and how to provide useful comments on land use applications:


To receive regular updates on the following:

  • New Land Use Applications
  • Project Consultation Notifications
  • Envision Eugene Updates
  • Planning Commission Agenda
  • Hearings Official Public Hearings
  • Historic Review Board Agendas

Sign up at

Planning Resources for Neighbors

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