SHiNA Annual Picnic Signs Missing

Dear Neighbors,

The Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHiNA) had it’s 20th Annual Potluck Picnic on Sunday, August 13th from 2-6pm at Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Dr.

The weather was pleasant and the event was enjoyed by many adults and children. Thank you to everyone who came by and made the event possible.

As part of The SHiNA Annual Picnic advertisement we have put up signs a week before the event and picked them up on Monday evening. 18 of the 24 signs placed were retrieved and can be reused next year. 

6 signs were missing at:

  • City View & Shield (Found & Returned)
  • Chambers & McClean
  • 29th & Portland
  • Willamette & 30th
  • Willamette & Crest
  • Willamette & 37th

The signs cost $25 each to print and can be reused with a date change for next year.

If you picked up one of the signs please send us a message via our contact page.

Let’s reuse rather than waste, it would be much appreciated!

Janet Bevirt, SHiNA Secretary

SHiNA Picnic Sign 2017

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