South Willamette Rezoning: Oregon Consensus Assessment Report

Hi Neighbors,

Please find the report from Oregon Consensus at the following link: Assessment Report: South Willamette Special Area Zone

For those following the process you may not be surprised that a great level of “distrust” exists between the City of Eugene’s Mayor, City Manager, Council and staff with the wishes of those who actually live in this community.  How this Special Rezoning plan moves forward is yet to be seen.  Communication and trust were mentioned many times in this document.

This is an election year. I encourage all of you to learn what the candidates for Mayor will support.   The League of Women Voters is holding a couple debates.  None in the South Willamette area!  The Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods (Amazon, Friendly, Southeast Neighbors and SHiNA) is also seeking to hold a debate for Mayor and Ward 1.  If you want to see responsible growth with all aspects of rezoning (schools, roads, traffic, parking, MUPTE, etc) which has inclusion in the Metro Plan, then ask your candidate if they support a Refinement Plan.  Nothing else will have a lasting neighborhood protection.

Warm regards,

Vic Hariton, Chair

Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association