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From the editor
Mainly we want to remind you about our gathering tomorrow.
Sunday, at 2 PM, at the Morse Family Farm Park farmhouse on Crest Drive, we will gathjer with the theme “Fire and Ice” – a speaker from the state forestry service will talk about wha to do here in our tree-filled hills to protect our homes and ourselves against wildfires, and we will dish out some free ice cream. The Forest Service the service is also bringing one of their firetrucks, which might interest our children.
Tomorrow is also Father’s Day, and the summer solstice, so there’s lots to celebrate.
Because of conflicts of scheduling we’re going to delay our discussion of private roads in the area for a few months.
Remember too that our picnic is coming on August 9, with the theme of international music and featuring Eugene Taiko, a potluck, friends and eighbors, and more free ice cream.
Coming in a few days to your mailbox: a printed newsletter welcoming new neighbors and explaining the changes in the Association

More Speeders: a neighbor writes “I empathize with the neighbor concerned about speeding on Lorane! I have the same problem on 28th between City View and Chambers. We have hills, curves, and a few places lacking sidewalks so speeding makes a problem. All mailboxes are on the south side of the street so everyone on the north side must cross the street to obtain their mail and newspapers. I have called the city several times because a 20 MPH sign has been removed and never replaced at the west end of 28th. But no response and no replacement. The sign on the east side is simply ignored. As I write, two more cars used 28th as a joy ride and must have passed my house going well over 30 MPH. The hills with curves make for blind spots and it’s only a matter of time before we have a tragedy. What CAN we do about the unruly and late-to-work or just chronically speeding?
Polk street had this problem and eventually the city inserted rumble/noise strips and obstacles to slow the traffic. It may be that we need this everywhere in the city! Oh for automatic traffic trackers that can simply produce fines for speeding cars as they move through the city….on the other hand, big brother…… :-(”

Notes from the city and organzations:

New item:

2015 Northwest Permaculture Convergence August 28, 29 & 30

Plans for the 2015 Northwest Permaculture Convergence and its embedded Green Neighborhood Summit are moving forward. We are impressed and grateful for the strong working relationship between RRCO and the Convergence. We are also working with ENI. It is not an accident that the Convergence is here in River Road and a major focus of the Convergence is greening our neighborhoods and the Convergence is hosting the first known “Green Neighborhood Summit.”

Speaking of the Summit; there is now a draft schedule for the Green Neighborhood Summit that will include a site tour of several beautiful front yard gardens and a home site full of “green preparedness” features. The tour will check out the Filbert Grove – a restoration project thanks to a citizens and City partnership and Rasor Park where citizen activation prevented much of the 6 acre site from being built and paved over.

The Summit is an unprecedented opportunity for eco-minded neighborhood leaders from all over the Northwest to meet and greet. The plan is to include several caucus periods for participants to hear each others’ stories and learn about “green preparedness,” Block Planning and the idea of forming a Northwest network specific to greening our neighborhoods.

Three benefactors are offering encouragement for the Summit. One to facilitate participation from out of town, one to underwrite much of the cost of educational posters about greening neighborhoods so the cost is very low to Summit participants. Another assist is a scholarship offer. Low income members of Eugene neighborhood associations can apply for a Summit Scholarship so they can attend. The first offer will be for six full day scholarships. There will be a simple application process with the potential for additional scholarships in the future.

Visit the website http://www.northwestpermaculture.org for a schedule and more information.

Important notices repeated from last week,, for new subscribers:

ACLU Civil Conversation:
Implementation of Ballot Measure 91: Legalization of Marijuana
Tuesday, June 23 from 5:30-7:00 PM

The Lane County Chapter of the ACLU will host a Civil Conversation on the implementation of Measure 91 on Tuesday, June 23 from 5:30-7:00 at the Eugene Public Library (100 W. 10th Ave.) in the Tykeson Room. The discussion will feature perspectives from Anthony Johnson, Executive Director, New Approach Oregon; Lieutenant Jennifer Bills, Eugene Police Department; and Steve Marks, Executive Director, Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Measure 91, approved by Oregon voters on November 4, 2014, will end decades of marijuana prohibition in Oregon and legalize the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana for adults 21 and over. Additionally, Measure 91 provides for the creation of state licensed retailers overseen by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and levies a tax on sales. Beginning July 1, 2015, adults in Oregon will be permitted legally to possess and cultivate small quantities of marijuana for personal use. On January 4, 2016, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will begin reviewing applications for licensed retail outlets.

As these dates approach, the OLCC, Oregon Legislature, and legalization advocates are in the process of creating and refining several important aspects of the Measure’s implementation. Some of these include: labeling standards, testing standards, inspection standards, background check requirements for retailers, home-grow rules and regulations, advertising restrictions, sales restrictions, and tax collection and distribution systems.

The Civil Conversation will address these and other important aspects of the implementation of Measure 91. Please join us to learn and share your opinions.


Our Community. Our Health. Our Vision.
A Simulcast County-Wide Meeting

We all want Lane County to be a healthy place to live and learn, work and play. Come share your ideas of what a healthy community would look and feel like. This visioning session is part of a community effort to create a community health improvement plan for Lane County. Join us in creating a better future.

Simulcast County-Wide Meeting
Thursday, June 25th
5:30- 8:00 pm
Eugene/Springfield: River Bend Hospital
Cottage Grove: Cottage Grove Hospital
Florence: Peace Harbor Hospital
Light dinner provided – ASL and Spanish Interpreted

Registration Required: http://ow.ly/NsyRO Please register by June 19th. Please forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested. Interested in learning more about the Community Health Program? Click Here: http://ow.ly/NspYB
For additional questions on registration please call or email:

Heather Amrhein, Community Health Program Manager, United Way of Lane County, 541-741-6000 x122, hamrhein@UnitedWayLane.org


Going on Vacation?
Let EPD keep an eye on your home!

Seniors on Patrol, trained volunteers from the Eugene Police Department,
will perform a thorough inspection of your property while you are away on vacation. Vacation checks entail a visual check of your home and outbuildings and ensuring that vehicles, gates, lighting and the general security of the home is intact and in accordance with the request. When a vacation check reveals something suspicious, volunteers are trained to back out of the immediate area and request a patrol officer be dispatched to investigate further.

Vacation checks will be performed, as staffing allows, with the goal of checking the home 2 to 3 times each week that you are gone
e or 1 time a week for vacations longer than 30 days. Upon your return, you will receive a letter detailing the dates/times that your home was checked along with any notations made by the volunteers.

Program Guidelines:
For City of Eugene residents only.
For vacations of a minimum 5 days and a maximum of 90 days (or 3 months).
For residential properties only. Business locations, vacant properties, homes for sale and homes with a house sitter or other guest(s) staying in the home are not eligible for vacation checks.
Applications must be submitted at least one week before your departure. If you submit your application on-line, you will receive a confirmation that the application has been received and will be processed. Telephone requests for vacation checks cannot be accepted.
More Information & to Apply>>


Is Your Neighborhood Prepared?
What is your emergency response plan?
Are you and your neighbors prepared in the event of an emergency? The City of Eugene Emergency Management Program is hosting an event on June 27 to assist individuals and neighborhoods with the disaster planning process.

Date: Saturday, June 27, 2015
Time: 10 AM to noon
Location: Tugman Park, 3666 Hilyard Avenue

Being prepared means that you can support yourself and your household for three days minimum in the absence of electricity, water service, supermarket access, and first responders. “You can be the hero” if you are prepared, and that starts with four important steps:

Be informed about emergencies that could happen in your community, and identify sources of information that will be helpful before, during, and after an emergency.
Make a plan for what to do in an emergency outlining how your family will meet, evacuate, and communicate.
Build an emergency supply kit to support family and pets for a minimum of 3 days.
Get involved in community groups. Meet your neighbors, share your skills, and volunteer.

Preparedness takes the whole community. This event focuses on turning awareness into action by encouraging all households and neighborhoods in Eugene to make an emergency plan. From 10–11, participants will learn how to effectively conduct a Map Your Neighborhood session. From 11-noon, we will walk through the process of creating a neighborhood disaster plan.