Newsletter SHiNA / CDCA and events today May 30

From the editor

A touch of summer this weekend, to be followed by rain.

Our event in June will have as its theme DANGER! (June 21 at Wayne Morse Family Farm).

But TODAY, Saturday, May 30, DANGER! will be nearby:

When: Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 1pm to 3pm
Where: Haggen, 3075 Hilyard Street

We live in an area that is at a higher risk for wildfire due to its proximity to forest land. While wildfire is a natural part of our ecosystem, dry summer weather combined with human-caused sparks means there is always a risk of wildfire in our community. Work with us to help keep wildfire out of our backyard.

The Southeast CERT team is partnering with the local fire station to promote wildfire preparedness this summer. Stop by Haggen’s on Hilyard and 30th on Saturday, May 30 from 1 to 3 for free materials to help you prepare your home to reduce the risk of fire. See a short video with prevention tips (30 seconds)! 
Firefighters from our neighborhood station will be there with the fire truck, evacuation route information and maps. Learn home maintenance tips to prevent the spread of wildfire and meet your firefighters and community emergency response team members.

Be sure to bring the kids, Cody the Official Fire Safety Dalmatian of the Eugene Fire and EMS Department will be there to help teach young children about fire safety.
Also TODAY: Festival Latino – May 30

Join community for this fun-packed event that includes kids games, food, salsa dance lessons and live music!     
Noon – 6:00 PM at Sprout! Food Hub 418 A Street in Springfield

Our June 21 event we will have more information about wildfires as well as other speakers about emergency preparedness and safety. But we are postponing our discussion of private roads until a later meeting.

News from the city:

At 490 West 29th Avenue a large Oregon white oak is being removed because extensive basal decay and the dieback of most of this tree’s canopy make this a hazardous tree.

Eugene’s DRiXionary

You may not know Eugene Drix, but you have probably used words from the “Drixionary”. Drix describes himself as “…an enthused participant in the ever-more-important Art of COMMUNITY BUILDING”.  A little searching on the internet and you’ll find that he not only fearlessly weighs in on events, issues, what have you, but he does it with the insights of a George Carlin and the aplomb of a Jimmy Stewart. According to his LinkedIn profile: “…my background experience and education plus personal knowledge base have turned me into a Verb. “Drixing” is the ability to connect the dots within human minds. If you want to connect people, just put DRiX in the middle.”
Drix spoke at Monday’s Eugene City Council meeting. Drix presented the city with a “gift” it was in the form of a word. It was Drix who offered the City the idea of the word “WE-Gene.” “It’s not YOU-gene, or I-gene, it’s WE-Gene” says Drix. “It really sums up the efforts of others to make our City the best City.”
The City Council agreed by quickly coining the words into an award, The “We ‐gene! Awards” – Honoring the best of neighborhood spirit.   The We‐gene! Awards is a volunteer recognition program administered by the City of Eugene, Neighborhood Services Program designed to provide public recognition to people, organizations or projects that have made important contributions to the livability and health of Eugene’s neighborhoods.
At the Monday meeting, Drix gifted the City Council a word to honor the new Matthew Knight Arena.  “This building is going to be around a very long time and it is really Oregon’s arena.  It’s Oregon’s arena.  It’s Oregon’s arena.”  It’s the “O-rena!”; the newest entry in the Eugene Drixionary.

Coming events

The Planning Commission will be having a public hearing on the proposed South Willamette Special Area Zone and Design Code update: June 2, 6 pm, Harris Hall, 125 E 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR.

Check the South Willamette Special Area Zone web page for more information:
Transportation news

Breakfast at the bike bridges Event schedule:
• June 26: DeFazio Bridge (West side) featuring Blue Heron bicycle shop!
• July 31: Greenway Bridge at Maurie Jacobs Park featuring Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life bicycle shop!
• August 28: 24th Ave. and Amazon Path near the softball fields featuring Arriving by Bike bicycle shop!
• September 25: Delta Ponds Bridge just north of the river path intersection featuring Klink Cycles bicycle shop!
• October 30: Frohnmayer Bike Bridge, formerly known as Autzen footbridge, featuring the UO Bike Program!
For more information visit or contact Claudia Denton at or 541-682-5059.
ORcycle Smartphone App: Tracking Your Rides for your Community

Is there a certain bicycle route you enjoy? Maybe one that you avoid? Or perhaps you had a close-call at an intersection? These are the things that the new ORcycle smartphone app allows individuals to track and inform local transportation planners.
This app lets you log your bicycle route and pinpoint safety problems along your route.  Additional functionality lets you plot bicycle safety concerns anywhere in the region!  All you have to do is download the app and use it!
Originally developed by Portland State University’s TTP Lab in late 2014, Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) is teaming up with PSU and ODOT to promote the use of ORcycle in the Eugene-Springfield area. Data collected from the app will be used in the upcoming CLMPO/Lane County Safety and Security Plan, bicycle route choice modeling, and general system operations.
There is incentive as well. Users who input their email and log trips will be entered into a drawing for gift cards to local bike shops… aka, free stuff!
The push is on to get the public involved as much as possible. How can you help? Glad you asked. First and foremost, download the ORcycle app and record your trips. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to tell your friends and coworkers. Your community needs you, and guess what… there’s an app for that.

Enterprise CarShare Continues to Grow in Eugene

Enterprise CarShare is proud to provide an accessible transportation option to the Eugene area for the past six years at the University of Oregon. Since then, the service expanded in 2013 to include the Eugene-Springfield area and its community members. After listening to member feedback and to meet continued demand, Enterprise CarShare has grown their fleet to include a variety of vehicles including a SmartCar, Fiat 500, Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion and a Nissan Frontier. This growth gives members the opportunity to reserve a car or truck that fits their transportation needs.

With just a few simple steps – reserve, unlock and go – Enterprise CarShare members can rent any time, day or night, for short or long periods of times. For those who don’t drive daily, cannot afford to purchase or maintain a vehicle on their own, or for those who rely on mass transit during the week, car sharing can be more cost-effective than car ownership.

To learn more or to become an Enterprise CarShare member, please visit