Feb 15 newsletter from SWHNA (SHNA?) / Crest Drive

February 15, 2015



We will have a board meeting of the Association on Tuesday, March 3, at
Market of Choice, 7 pm ,on the balcony. Anyone who has ideas or opinions or
is just curious is invited to attend.

Our next general gathering will be in March, a celebration of spring
gardening with a collection of people ready to answer questions and give
advice. Sunday March 15, 2-4 pm, at the farmhouse in the Morse Family Farm
Park on Crest Drive.

On our last email, our May meeting was mistakenly listed as on May 19. The
19th will be the annual open house and celebration at the farmhouse in the
Morse Family Farm Park, well worth attending. Our meeting there will be on
May 24.

From the editor

While my friends back in Maine and Massachusetts have been getting snowed
under, we have been seeing daffodils and blooming trees. We have crocus
blooming, too, for the brief time before the deer eat them. Welcome Spring!

As our January meeting some neighbors asked if the signs posted on Horizon
Street are meant to stop pedestrians from walking there. Your edito
examined the signs did not get that impression. Your board talked with the
family that owns the street and were assured that the signs were showing
the conditions under which people could walk on the private street, namely,
that pedestrians stay on the pavement and not trespass on the lawns on
either side, and that people keep their dogs on leashes.

We have been asked by many people if the city plans to anything about the
small roundabout at the intersection of Lincoln and Crest Drive. At our
January meeting councilwoman Betty Taylor said that while of the city
Council had held a hearing on the issue at her request, the city would not
make any decisions unless it was presented with a request from a sizable
group of people. So, in order to gauge opinions on this issue, we have
prepared a one question poll. If you are concerned about the roundabout,
either to keep it or to remove it, please give your opinion at our poll.


At their February 9 meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to extend
the suspension of the MUPTE (Multiple Unit Property Tax Exemption) program
until September 1, 2015. That program provides tax breaks for those who
develop multiple housing units in certain designated areas of the city.
There are proposed changes to the MUPTE program that neighborhoods may want
to comment on. For instance there are proposed requirements that MUPTE
developments include a specified amount of workforce (“affordable”)
housing, that refinement plan policies cover areas in which MUPTE is
available to developers, and that a portion of the special fees that
developers pay for city infrastructure be reserved for the area around the
An organization that is seeking to have these requirements added is

This week we have more city announcements.

1) Hands-on Creativity at Eugene Public Library
The Library’s a great place to learn – and for self-expression! Creative
activities coming up soon include free hands-on workshops for adults to
make “pop-up cards” at Sheldon Branch on Saturday, Feb. 21, at 1 p.m., or
at Bethel Branch on Saturday, Feb. 28, at 1 p.m. Join artist Amanda Puetz
to learn basic techniques – then get inventive.
Kids will make colorful “kaleidoscopes” with Heather Campbell of MECCA at
Family Fun on Sunday, Feb. 22, at 2:30 p.m., at the Downtown Library.
There’s a different activity for kids and family every week – and they’re
For more information, contact the Eugene Public Library at 541-682-5450 or

2) Boards & Commissions Recruitment Underway!
The City of Eugene is now recruiting for City boards, committees and
commissions. The recruitment will conclude on Friday, March 27, 2015.
Applicants are being sought for advisory committees to the City Council,
department advisory committees and intergovernmental committees. (Read

3) Police Report: Suspicious Behavior
Eugene Police have received disturbing calls regarding women and girls
being followed by suspicious male subjects in vehicles. Three incidents
were reported in February. Police are asking people to please be especially
mindful of personal safety practices, and if at all possible try to get a
license plate and descriptions of vehicle and suspicious subjects inside
and call 9-1-1 to report incidents.