Rest Haven Cemetery Notice of Public Hearing

Rest Haven Cemetery Notice of Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 5:30pm at Harris Hall – Lane County Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401.

How to submit testimony: You can attend the public hearing and state your concerns. You are also encouraged to submit written testimony if you have detailed comments you wish lo make. Your written comments must include your mailing address if you are not already included on the City’s interested parties list and wish to be included on the mailing list for any future notices, including notice of decision, on this appeal. Send written testimony to the Planning Commission, c/o Rodney Bohner, via e-mail:, via regular mail, or hand delivered to Rodney Bohner, City of Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10″ Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 prior to the hearing. You can also submit written testimony at the hearing in the event of an appeal.

Rest Haven PUD(1)

Rest Haven PUD(1)2

NLC Housing & Homelessness Committee Meeting on Feb 27th

NLC Housing & Homelessness Committee MeetingThursday February 27th from 12:00 – 1:00pm at the McNail-Riley House 601 W. 13th Ave.

We continue our 3 month focus on creative, affordable housing options.  Join us to hear from Amanda Dellinger, SquareOne Villages; Tricia, Emerald Village resident; and Dylan Lamar, an architect & developer who will share an innovative small housing project located in Springfield.

Please view the links for further information:

Beyond Toxics – Eugene Community Health Survey

For almost a year, Beyond Toxics has been surveying households in West Eugene neighborhoods to learn about air quality and health conditions residents are facing. Bethel neighborhood, the area where we have been canvassing, is where 99% of Eugene’s air toxic emissions are released from industry facilities. We are now asking residents across the city to take our online survey, so that we can expand and also contextualize our knowledge.

Our right to clean air and water is our right to life. Residents of Eugene’s westside neighborhoods–where polluting industries are overwhelmingly located–have to fight harder for this right. Air doesn’t stay in one zip code, we all breathe dirty air! Whatever your neighborhood, you can help Beyond Toxics document our community health concerns.

Visit and look for the link on the bottom right: “If you live in Lane County, you can take our Environmental Community Health Survey.” The survey takes just 7-10 minutes to participate. Thank you for helping achieve environmental justice and a healthy community.

Call Beyond Toxics: 541-465-8860
Email Ana:

Take Our Survey


LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes in Eugene

LTD is proposing major changes to bus routes. LTD proposes to remove routes and stops and give more frequent service to certain locations increasing the number of riders walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop. The idea is to increase ridership, but many riders (data on these riders is unknown by anyone) may be left under served. The issue is very complex. Several neighborhoods that are most dramatically affected, are organized and having meetings with LTD. I do not know how our neighborhood residents living adjacent to the bus routes on Willamette, along 29th, 28th, 24th,  & Chambers (maybe Crest?) use the buses. There is little or no data available. The changes are based on “points of contact” with the community — maybe opinion polls. If any of you use buses or if you know bus riders who want to  be involved, the Southeast Neighbors has a committee actively working on these issues.


The proposed changes on routes on East Amazon, Fox Hollow,  Willamette and Donald greatly concern SEN bus users. Additionally, other neighborhoods in North and West Eugene are also concerned and involved with questioning LTD.

Here is the Transit Tomorrow Website:

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 6.33.15 PM

Here is LTD’s “people trips” baseline, which estimates (by number) how many people and businesses are within walking distance of the stops for each line.
Actual ridership per line, including densities of use, is available in the Route Atlas at Appendix A, Phase 1, at

Open House on Affordable Housing and Community Development

open house housing development

2020 Consolidated Plan Process

In order to receive U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds, jurisdictions are required to complete, adopt and submit a five-year Consolidated Plan. The Consolidated Plan presents an assessment of local housing, homelessness, and community development needs, identification of priority needs for use of funds received from HUD, and presents strategies to address the priority needs. HUD funding is delivered through a combination of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) funds.

Since 1992 and continuing with this plan, the cities of Eugene and Springfield work together to develop the Eugene-Springfield Consolidated Plan. This collaboration allows for consideration of needs for the metropolitan area as a whole, development of a shared goals and strategies, and more efficient use of limited resources for plan development and reporting. A joint plan is required given that Eugene and Springfield receive HOME funds as a Consortium. Eugene and Springfield receive separate allocations of CDBG funds each year.  The 2015 Consolidated Plan, along with other City housing and human service plans and reports for HUD are available.

Similarly, Eugene must update the fair housing document, called the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI). The AI identifies fair housing issues as well as actions to further fair housing across the cities.

The process to develop the Consolidated Plan for the 2020-2024 period and AI is now underway. The process includes comprehensive data collection, consultations with public and private agencies, and extensive community engagement.

To stay informed of the Consolidated Planning process, including the Analysis of Impediments, sign up to join the interested parties list.

Third Emergency Water Station is now operational in Eugene

To supplement personal emergency supplies and help the community prepare for a large-scale disaster, EWEB is working with partners to develop emergency water distribution sites using groundwater wells, as well as mobile water trailers. Our plan calls for the development of five geographically dispersed well sites by 2022.

As of December 2019, three sites are operational:

Prairie Mountain School – 5305 Royal Ave.
Howard Elementary School – 700 Howard Avenue
Eugene Science Center – 2300 Leo Harris Parkway

Two new sites will be in construction this year, at the Sheldon Fire Station and the Lane County Fairgrounds & Event Center.

If disaster strikes our community’s water system and you need to obtain water from one of these distribution sites, you will need to bring your own storage containersLearn how to clean and prepare water containers.

Emergency ground water sites in Eugene

cleaning water containers