SHiNA General Meeting in October

The next SHiNA General Meeting will be held on:

Sunday, October 6th from 4:00 – 6:00pm at the Hilyard Community Center located at 2580 Hilyard St.

Topics will include Picnic Feedback, SHiNA Board Election’s and 350 Eugene & the Carbon Free Challenge presentation.

350 Eugene is dedicated to helping raise public awareness of climate change. It is organizing direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change issues. Linda Perrine will present the Eugene Carbon Free Challenge which enables Eugene residents to learn about their personal carbon footprint and ways to reduce it. This is a joint project with the City of Eugene, EWEB and 350 Eugene to help neighbors begin to reduce our collective carbon emissions now as part of the Eugene Climate Action Plan. We are working to reach as many residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations and faith groups as we can this year. We need your help! You can host a House Party for the Eugene Carbon Free Challenge outreach and our ECFC team will be glad to help you teach others about this project and the above website. Join us in the work to reduce personal carbon emissions in Eugene!

Please contact:

Linda Perrine: or Fred Mallery: 

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