SHiNA General Meeting

SHiNA General Membership Meeting 4/10/22 Minutes

1.     Welcome and introduction.
Attending: Fred Mallery(chairing meeting), Ralph McDonald, Rita Fiedler, Dana Fergurson, Michael Lainoff, Chris Jockheck, Bev McDonald (Board Members), Nora Hagerty, Donna Thompson, Will O’Hearn (Library) & Jennifer Densen (Waste to Taste).

2.     Approval of minutes and agenda.

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting: Ralph; Second: Dana; Approved by all.

3.     Public comment if any (3 min per speaker).

Donna Thompson, a 60-year resident of the neighborhood, was visiting the Mt. Calvary Cemetery at 220 Crest Drive in March. While driving up the windy, steep road to her father’s grave, she was threatened by a couple of people walking through the cemetery. She and the owners of Mt. Calvary would like to remind neighbors that this is private property, those visiting gravesites are often in mourning and to be respectful when walking through the area. It is especially important to pick up dog waste. At times, the cemetery has been closed to walkers.

4.     PRESENTATION: Jennifer Denson – Waste to Taste

Jennifer started Burrito Brigade in 2014 after noticing a need for nutritious, ready-to-eat meals among many Eugene residents. Jennifer is executive director of Waste to Taste, a “no-barrier, Covid-safe” walk-in pantry that is operated M-F from 4-6 p.m. In 2019, she began the Little Free Pantry program with three cupboards set up in residential neighborhoods where neighbors could place extra food for anyone in need. That program has grown to 40 cupboards spread throughout Eugene and Springfield. Volunteers are needed to help at Waste to Taste and stock and supply the Little Free PantriesWaste to Taste partners w/Food For Lane County, Centro Latino and other community organizations. Our board member Dana has been volunteering and is impressed with this organization.

5.     PRESENTATION: Will O’Hearn – Eugene Public Library

Will is the Eugene Public Library’s Service Director. He reports an increase in library use during the pandemic. Feedback from the community is that they are happy and appreciative of the method of handling library loans during the pandemic and very grateful that computer labs and internet access has been resumed since reopening of the library, especially for the unsheltered or those without internet access. Future plans include an elimination of over-due fines, reopening of the maker-hub, and speakers. The cleanliness of the library is due to a priority given to janitorial services, extra attention to cleaning restrooms often and sanitizing the comfy chairs. The library is staffed to monitor patron’s behavior and those who behave irresponsibly in the library are asked to leave.


6.     Back up for Rita on NLC

Ralph will back up Rita when she is unable to attend the Neighborhood Leader’s Council.

7.     Feedback for Bev on Email Blasts

No comments

8.     Update re Oregon22 & World Track Meet  July 15-23

Ralph attended the meeting hosted by Oregon22. Rumors of 200,000 World Track Meet visitors are incorrect. Estimated influx is 50,000 visitors. Hotels, AirBnBs are already filling up. Those with extra rooms or homes to rent can contact Oregon 22.

9.     Jonathan Oakes Land Presentation, April 22, 6PM, Morse Shelter.

The surveyor has scheduled a second meeting to discuss the proposed 3-parcel partition of a vacant site on the east side of Storey Blvd. between Crest Drive and Lorane Hwy. Neighbors adjacent to the property are concerned that in building three homes within this area will eliminate all large trees on the property and a wildlife pathway.

10.                        Upcoming Speakers for SHiNA May or June

Meetings scheduled: SHiNA Board meeting: Wednesday, May 18, 6:30 p.m. (note change to 3rd Wednesday of the month)

SHiNA General meeting: Sunday, June 12, 3:30 p.m.

Discussion of low attendance at meetings and suggestion from Dana to query our neighbors to try to find out what they would like to see in the way of get-togethers.

11.                        Discussion of Resolution HB2001 and Tree Protection

The following resolution was proposed by Ralph McDonald, 2nd by Fred Mallery and passed by the SHiNA board, to be presented to the city council:


WHEREAS the Oregon Legislature with HB2001 requires Eugene to modify city zoning requirements to accommodate more density of housing within city limits; and

WHEREAS the Eugene planning department staff have put forward minimum lot size, building height, and potentially other city zoning changes that potentially impact green space and tree canopy within the city; and

WHEREAS the Eugene Climate Recovery Ordinance and Climate Action Plan 2.0 calls for a reduction of fossil fuel usage within the city; and call for increase in city wide tree canopy and CAP 2.0 notes this percentage instead has been declining in each recent years, we note while other cities such as Pasadena, CA have effectively protected trees;

THEREFORE the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association of Eugene (SHiNA) hereby resolves that any future zoning changes the city enacts under HB2001 or other plans to increase available housing be enacted with provisions to protect existing large healthy trees and also require replacement trees and other provisions for protecting or increasing city greenspace; and

THEREFORE SHINA also, as HB2001 is implemented in Eugene, calls for concurrent protection of solar access for residents and businesses; and likewise deems that  electric charging wiring and outlet for vehicles be required with new residential construction.

SHiNA hereby urges the Eugene City Council to support our resolution as deliberating HB2001 Eugene implementation; and also to direct staff to investigate and report back regarding how healthy trees within the city might be better protected by city ordinance, what provision might be implemented for protecting solar access; and how Eugene might move the State Building and Construction Board to expedite  electric charging provision in Oregon building code.

12.                        SHiNA Picnic and/or Fesitval Update and Discussion

Ralph spoke w/board memebers of Friendly Area Neighbors and Southeast Neighbors. Both are open and interested in joining forces on a picnic this summer. This combined event would be held at Tugman Park or Washington Park, not the Wayne Morse Family Farm site.

13.                        Meeting adjourned. Meeting length: 2 hours, 10 minutes.

Respectfully submitted, Bev McDonald, April 11, 2022